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      ssr加速器官网Heart Attack, Amel Cinder Stripe left  Yes- snakes go out on breeding loans for a variety of reasons- usually so two snakes with desirable genes can meet and make beautiful hatchlings together, despite being owned by different people.  There are a number of loaner snakes here at SnickerSnakes, the most famous of them being Heart Attack, the first Peppermint Stripe ever produced.  Heart was bred by 513优化下载, Low Belly Reptiles, and has been with me since he was just a baby.  He came to SnickerSnakes for extra-special personal care, and has grown and thrived.  Heart sired his first clutch last year (two of which can be seen on my Projects page) and has two lovely ladies lined up for 2013!

    Daisy, right, is a pretty, sweet-tempered Tessera, here on loan from 513优化下载, in a collaboration with Low Belly Reptiles.  Daisy is het Amel and Stripe.  She has settled in wonderfully and is enjoying the warm sunny weather, waiting for her date with Heart Attack.  Daisy is just a pleasure to have here.  My role in this project is matchmaker!

    Jarrett Kime and Troy Crosby of The Cornnection have sent me two gorgeous girls on breeding loan.  I am extremely excited to be caring for Daphne, the very first Sunkissed Stripe, hatched by Dr. Jeff Mohr.  Daphne will also be introduced to Heart Attack and again, my role is simply just that of matchmaker.

    In addition to Daphne, Jarrett and Troy have generously loaned me their most beautiful Abberant Abbott’s Okeetee, Madras.  Madras is yet another sweet girl (see the theme here?) who is a joy to care for.  And Madras is oh so beautiful!  Madras will be pairing up with Gartersnake, my SMR Okeetee Tessera.  We are super-excited about the possibilities of this pairing!

    Daphne, left and Madras and Gartersnake, 免费翻国外墙的app.

    蜂鸟ⅤPN软件Last but certainly not least is Annie, right, a gorgeous Bloodred het Hypo, Anery, Charcoal, Lavender and Stripe.  Annie is here on loan from John Finsterwald of Colorado Corns.  Annie will be bred to Jacinto, the Lavender het Charcoal Bloodred Stripe.  The possibilities in that cross are amazing!  Annie is fresh out of brumation and is probably wondering what in the world happened to the weather, going from freezing Colorado to warm sunny Florida overnight.  Annie is a Rich Hume snake.  John and I are really looking forward to this very diverse clutch!

    Breeding is just around the corner, and Madras is the first female to go blue.  Very shortly I know what I’ll be doing every Sunday evening.  Stay tuned for details!  Now that I’m finally down to just a handful of 2012’s to care for, after an all-time high of nearly 90, I’m hoping I will be able to update this blog a lot more frequently.

    2011 Yearlings: Growing Well!

    All the yearlings from 2011 are growing like weeds. Two of my favorites are Hyacinth, 蜂鸟ⅤPN软件, the 2011 Plasma Stripe owned by Carol Huddleston of Low Belly Reptiles, and Jörmungandr, right, Ghost Bloodred Stripe son of Pepper and Annabelle. What a privilege it has been to have Hyacinth stay here so I could document her growth! And Jörmungandr looks so pretty next to her- so alike, but so different.

    Two interesting yearlings from outside sources are growing up as well! Raven, left, is the 2011 daughter of Graham Criglow’s Halloween Okeetee. She is the eventual mate of Gartersnake, my gorgeous South Mountain Reptiles ssr加速器官网.

    Firefly, right, the 蜂鸟ⅤPN软件 het Cayenne Fire, bred by John Finsterwald, 蜂鸟ⅤPN软件, has some hot dates lined up for the 2013 breeding season too! He will be paired with Buzztail, a stunning Old-School Bloodred as well as Petunia, the lovely 蜂鸟ⅤPN软件. I am very excited about producing Tessera morphs!



    ssr加速器官网When I realized I would be traveling when the Miami clutch was due to hatch I set up a Hatching Bin in the rack. I filled a bin with damp moss and put the two soon-to-hatch egg containers in, with tiny water bowls in the egg containers, with the lids ajar in case the hatchlings wanted to get out and explore. I put a shallow water bowl down in the moss. When I returned Friday night there were 27 hatchlings waiting for me to rescue them and set them up in their own bins.

    I was surprised to uncover an amel Miami, who was joined later that night by a second one. The Miami babies have all shed and fed once, and it looks like I have a lot of nice 513加速器下载, as well as some very pretty classic Miamis. The Miami babies will be getting their second meals tonight, and will be offered for sale soon. I love this photo of Baby D and his daddy, Milky. It’s amazing how much they change in a couple years!



    513加速器下载 My most-anticipated breeding of the season has got to be Peppermint Stripe Heart Attack x Hypo Stripe het Bloodred Nadia. Both of these amazing snakes are on loan from Carol Huddleston, Low Belly Reptiles. This is Heart Attack’s first breeding season.

    The first clutch of eggs has also arrived! With Milky Milksnake of breeding age, I am hoping to take my Milksnake-Phase Miami project to the next level. Cherry has laid a 100% fertile clutch of 18- so I’m off to a great start! Hypo Bloodred Annabelle has bred to Avalanche Stripe Pepper and she will be laying any day. This pairing produced several amazing Avalanche Stripes and Fire Stripes as well as a Ghost Bloodred Stripe in 2011. Annabelle is on loan from 蜂鸟ⅤPN软件, Colorado Corns.



    The 2011 Breeding Season at SnickerSnakes has been, in a word, INCREDIBLE!! In the Pepper x Annabelle breeding I finally achieved my dream of hatching Avalanche Stripes. In addition, Pepper surprised me by revealing his Hypo gene, resulting in the breathtaking surprise Ghost Bloodred Stripe, Jörmungandr, who I will of course be keeping! There were also Fire Stripes, Fires and Avalanches. The normal-patterned babies are quite stunning, and there are several still available. Thank you, John Finsterwald, 513优化下载, for the loan of your lovely female, Annabelle! I couldn’t have done it without her!


    Before I could catch my breath from the Avalanche clutch, the Ancho x Aji Bloodred clutch brought me the thrill of a lifetime! My very first high-dollar cornsnake ever was a Plasma (Lavender Bloodred). I have loved this morph for years and was so, so envious when Rich Hume hatched the striped version a couple years ago. I jumped at the opportunity to take Ancho and Aji, Bloodreds het Hypo Lavender Stripe on breeding loan from 513加速器下载, Low Belly Reptiles. These blazing beauties came straight from Rich Hume. Imagine my shock and amazement when the very first hatchling to pip was the target morph, Plasma Stripe! ssr加速器官网, ssr加速器官网, was followed by a lot of Bloodred brothers and sisters, some striped! The last baby to hatch, M, was a Plasma, and I named her Thirteen. This whole clutch is just a joy; big, beautiful babies who eat like there is no tomorrow! Six are available, including a flashy Bloodred Stripe with a Cubed pattern. Pictured below are Baby G, left, Carol’s keeper male and Baby E, right, female sold to John Finsterwald.


    But to balance out the joy of the first two clutches, the third clutch to hatch brought incredible heartbreak. Expecting Bloodreds from the Fred (Rosy Bloodred Kastanie) x Penelope (Hypo Lavender Bloodred) clutch, I was stunned to discover a Lavender nose poking out of the first egg to pip. As I anxiously awaited the surprise hatchling, I researched my various theories of how this pairing could produce an unexpected morph. As it turned out, the one thing I hadn’t considered was retained sperm from Penelope’s 2010 mating…The hatchling emerged, a spectacular example of Hypo Lavender Bloodred, and was, unfortunately, extremely kinked. Two more eggs pipped and bubbled, but noses never appeared. I slit the eggs and no babies ever came out. When I opened the eggs, I found them all dead in the egg, all with extreme, non-surviveable kinking. I wasn’t sure if the lone surviving hatchling would make it, but he shed and ate and thrived. I named him Krinkle, and will keep him as a pet.


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    Cornsnakes are relatively easy to care for and most will live into their teens or twenties as long as you provide a few basic items. Read more!

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